Drilling for the Future
From a park, commercial building, or a home, whatever your need is, we've got you covered. We guarantee quality in all our work and, most importantly, timely results.
For over 50 years, we have specialized in the latest drilling, piling, and pumping technology. Most importantly, we have a reputation for unparalleled customer service throughout Alaska.
Technology is Foremost
DRILLING - Sullivan Water Wells is proud to take advantage of the newest technology in the drilling industry.  Our Foremost DR-12 and DR-24 (Dual Rotary) rigs simultaneously drill and advance 5" to 24" casing. They offer unparalleled performance in overburden formations and are capable of retracting casing with the flip of a lever.  The Dual rotary rig differs from all other brands by its ability to rotate and push (or pull) casing instead of casing advancement by means of a casing hammer.  This exclusive feature allows the driller to start and maintain a straight well, drill through boulders, and retract casing when needed. 
PUMPS - Our state of the art pump hoist is designed to reach difficult well locations.
Deep Roots in Alaska
Sullivan Water Wells is a third generation family owned and operated Alaskan company.  We have extensive knowlege of the conditions and hurdles of the area. This allows for an array of appropriate solutions.
Installing a well can transform a property into something more.  It can supplement a dream home, cabin or high rise.  When developing land, it is the single most important aspect of the entire project. We combine the energy of development with a healthy respect for mother nature with clean, well maintained equipment and tailored results.  We strive to create an easy, well communicated, timely experience with every project, one that is as unique as our client's dream.